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As a modern pharmaceutical enterprise, Wharton has not only advanced manufacturing process and equipments, but also a complete Integrated Management System, which is composed of three organic parts: the Quality System, Environment System and Occupational Health & Safety System.
The Quality System has been established and maintained on the basis of GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000 and FAMI-QS, its kernel is the comprehensive instructions, procedures and records, which make up of the documentation system. The Quality System provides strong guarantee for product quality and traceability, prevention of errors and contamination, and continual improvement.
The Environment System has been established and maintained according to the requirements of ISO14001. Wharton focuses on technological and financial investment to achieve harmony of sustainable development and environment, and is active and voluntary in protecting the environment with advanced technologies, controlling the source of pollution, turning wastes into valuable resources, to meet the requirements of all the related laws and regulations and accomplish Recycling Economy.
Wharton has been fully aware that its employees are the most important strategic resource for development and paying close attention to their physical and mental health. Therefore the Occupational Health & Safety System has been established and maintained as per OHSAS18001 to continuously improve the working conditions and provide sufficient labor insurance for all the employees.


  1. Quality System


  2. Environment System


  3. Occupational Health&Safety System