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Reliable:Reputation based on quality, and quality rooted in responsibility.Target:To achieve worldwide recognition as an excellent manufacture and supplier,giving the international customers a quality product or service.Mission:offering first-class products with full responsibility to quality in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.

To develop with technology,treat quality as part of life,continuously satisfy and exceed customers’ requests and expectations with quality services and good reputation.we would serve our customers in allround with sincerity,practicality,high efficiency and professionalization,and treat customer’s highest satisfaction as our long-term goal,Wharton source and sell ingredients of plant origins primarily to specialty food and nutraceutical industries.We are steadfast and committed to our sales support,research and development of any botanical we market,we have perpetual inventory and we choose to “optimize”formulations with our clients.


We operate a new state of art facility in strict compliance with the GMP requirements in addition to using advanced optimized production technology.we provide customized product service to produce exclusive products according to requirements from our partners.We offer professional technology,customized service,towards innovative products as well that have a longer time horizen to develop,we are unmatched by other foreign based companies where quality standards and service meet